Ex Demonstration Home Office Desk Clearance Sale

We have experienced high demand for our home office desking products and have sold out of some models. To help meet demand we are releasing for sale demonstration models from our showroom at a discount to normal selling prices. All items are in almost new condition and have not been on public display and only used for viewings in buying meetings with our major retail partners. Click here for further information and availability

Welcome to Connected Essentials – we first managed and developed products over 20 Years ago, and continue to share the same great enthusiasm about excellent design and quality, both for our own brands and for established partnerships with some of the biggest names in Product and Retail.

Accord Concept – Specialist multimedia furniture that makes a feature of your TV, not your wires. We have given such special furniture its own dedicated website and store.

Our Accord Concept range of TV & Media Furniture, Home Office Desks and Workstations have been designed to compliment your home whilst providing useful & functional features. With over 15,000 designs and options, this can be best viewed through our dedicated AccordConcept web site.

If you wish to make an enquiry regarding product supply or trading, please contact us. Connected Essentials Ltd. is our trading business and identity. For our corporate and B2B services see Connected Group Ltd.