Wall Mounted TV Remote Control Organiser - CEG-11

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Self Adhesive Wall Remote Control Holder

Key Features:

  • Practical - Self-adhesive TV remote control holder for wall to organise, store and protect your devices without taking up any space on your desk or coffee table.
  • Keep Your Controllers Safe and Organised - one large compartment offers the ultimate flexibility for all sizes of remotes, controller and devices.
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive - our heavy duty adhesive ensures the holder stays in place securely at all times. Ensure it is fitted to clean smooth surfaces with no flaking paint or loose materials.*
  • Premium Finish - finished in luxury soft touch materials with soft internal lining to protect your controllers and devices from scratches and damages.
  • Made to Complement Your Home or Office - Neutral finish ensures our Wall Holder will be a useful accessory for most interiors"

We all experience the frustration of lost remotes and devices or maybe even accidental damage from being stood on, or being lost down the sofa. Our Wall Remote Control Holder is a safe home for your remotes, mobile phones or the myriad of devices and controllers we use daily.

An alternative to traditional Freestanding TV Remote Holders & Organisers

Closely related to our long established CEG-10 Remote Control Holder, the CEG-11 remote caddy is an ideal living room or office accessory if you wish to keep your controllers and devices out of reach of children and away from coffee tables, further reducing the risk of damages or spillages.

Suitable for storing multiple remotes, devices or controllers - internal compartment dimensions of 21x5cm offer ample space for all of your devices.

Finished in vegan friendly PU leather on the outside (chose from black, grey or beige) with our signature fabric lining internally to protect your devices and controllers from scratches. Hard-wearing and built to last; perfect for use in all your rooms

Supplied with heavy duty adhesive - please ensure the surface used to mount the CEG-11 is clean and damage free to ensure correct adhesion*

Overall dimensions approx. (WxD): 22.5x6x11cm Compartment Dimensions approx. (WxD): 21x5cm

Truly Multipurpose

Thanks to its optimal dimensions and the heavy duty adhesive, our CEG-11 controller holder is more than just a TV remote stand. It will comfortably store games console controllers, media controllers, stationery, spectacles, mobile phones and even tablet computers. Its an ideal accessory to declutter your home or office.

What will you use it for?  

 Our CEG-11 Wall Remote Control Holder is just one of many remote control storage solutions we offer. Our diverse range has a solution for storing remote controls whatever your requirements:

  • Do you need something larger to accommodate e-readers or tablet PC's? No problem our CEG-30 will be the perfect bet.
  • Do you prefer a freestanding design for your coffee table? Our original CEG10- Remote Control Holder has a loyal following and 1000's of happy users - you will not be disappointed. 
  • Do you prefer to keep your remote controls close by? We have it covered - our sofa remote caddy and organiser will be your best friend and store remotes right beside you on the armrest of your sofa or armchair
  • What about those games console controllers? We have a solution - our Play & Park will let you hold (and even charge) console controllers in style alongside your remote controllers. 

*Check suitability for use and positioning before application as the adhesive is intended for one-time application "

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