Wall Mounted Signal Blocking RFID Car Key Box - CEG-110

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RFID Signal Blocking Faraday Car Key Box Wall Mounted - CEG110

Protect your vehicle from keyless theft whilst at home or at work. 

Keyless entry vehicles are quickly becoming more popular due to their convenience - Unfortunately, vehicle thieves have identified this convenience as an opportunity to easily steal vehicles.

The CEG-110 Wall Mounted Car Key Signal Blocker has been designed to reduce the risk of this type of theft.* The innovative internal lining acts as a Faraday cage that will block your car keys radio signal, protecting your vehicle from theft*.  The outer clasp the external lid make the box secure and ensure your keys are protected from letterbox/fishing rod-type theft, where a criminal may attempt to hook your keys through your letterbox.

A complete solution for the whole household.

Our brand new design is practical and stylish, fitting tastefully into any home or workspace. We have utilised our experience in home & office storage accessories to deliver a classic storage design for the whole household so all of your keyless entry vehicle keys are protected in one convenient place. 

The optimal internal dimensions of our RFID keyless car key blocker house 4 large hooks and ample space around them to comfortably store up to 4 sets of keys, not just the keyfobs.

With its timeless design and stylish, textured fabric finish in black or grey, our CEG-110 never looks out of place.

Wall Mounted car key box, designed to reduce the risk of keyless theft.

Our original wall mounted signal blocking car key box was launched all the way back in 2020 making it the first such solution in the UK! Now in its 2nd generation our RFID key box continues to deliver a unique solution and a practical and convenient way of reducing the risk of keyless theft. 

Whilst designing our key box, we have explored and tested countless options and variations of adhesives and elaborate mounting mechanisms. In line with feedback from our initial customers, we settled on a self adhesive design, which does not require drilling or screws, for the ultimate convenience and ease of application.

The heavy duty adhesive on our boxes is already applied to the boxes - all you have to do to mount it on the wall is to peel the protective strips and attach it in your required position**. It is designed to work effectively on any clean, dry and damage free surface. 

Just a note of caution - in order to work effectively, the adhesive has to be very strong. Please check positioning of the box on the wall before removing the protective strips and attaching the box to the wall.

Take a look at the video in the gallery to see just how easy it is to attach this key box to your wall. 

*We have tested the effectiveness of the RF blocking feature on various manufactures' models and when used in conjunction with the instructions for use supplied with the product, will block or reduce the range of the RF keyless function.

**Check suitability for use and positioning before application as the adhesive is intended for one-time application "

Signal blocking car Key box wall mounted

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