Games Console Controller Stand and Charging Place For Xbox & PlayStation, CEG-31

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Play & Park - Video Game Controller Holder and Charging Station for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

  • A Videogame Controller stand designed to complement your living room furniture and decor
  • Three compartments to store controllers, games, remotes and more
  • Available in Black or White to complement current and previous generation Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Consoles
  • Two Rear Cable Ports to feed your chargers through
  • Removable riser in each compartment to hide charging cables underneath

Is your Games Console in your Living Room?

With more and more games consoles being used as part of a home entertainment system, you need a sleek and stylish spot for charging your controllers that will look great in your living room.

The Play & Park will do just that - designed with your living space in mind. Games console controller holders and charging stations are often cheap plastic or sharp, angular shapes, designed for bedrooms or games rooms. We set out to create a more homely alternative, with softer lines and more homely materials - all whilst maintaining the same level of functionality.

The Play & Park features three storage compartments - The front and middle sections are designed to store your controllers while they charge, whilst the third, smaller section can store your remotes or a number of games. We have designed this games console controller holder to accommodate all modern consoles: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Pro and Both new-gen controllers for PS5 and Xbox Series S and X, so you can rest assured your controller will fit comfortably.

Are you frustrated by the Cable Spaghetti under your TV?

The back of our Play & Park Controller Stand features two cable ports to feed your own controller charging cables through* with channels between each compartment to keep your wires organised. It also has a unique design that features two 2cm risers with cable channels, which sit comfortably over your wires to stop your controllers from resting on the wires when in place.

The Play & Park is not supplied with chargers or cables - we know many gamers will have their own preferred charging cables and our product is designed to be completely flexible to accommodate your own charging equipment, hiding the wires that come with the console, and keeping controllers together neatly whilst they charge or not in use.

Designed to Complement Your Games Console AND Your Home 

Get your Play & Park in Black with contrasting white stitching to match the PS4, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, or in White with contrasting black internal lining to match PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox Series S, - whatever console you have, we've got you covered. Both in Vegan-Friendly wipe-clean materials and soft black fabric lining.

Our CEG-31  Games Console Holder is part of the wider range of remote control and living room storage solutions. Our diverse portfolio has a solution for storing remote controls and accessories whatever your requirements:

  • Do you need something slightly more compact for your remote controls? No problem - our original CEG10- Remote Control Holder has a loyal following and 1000's happy users - you will not be disappointed. 
  • Short on space on your coffee table? We have a wall remote control holder which is just as stylish as the rest of our range but will not take any precious table space.
  • Do you need something larger to accommodate e-readers or tablet PC's? No problem our CEG-30 will be the perfect bet.
  • Do you prefer to keep your remote controls close by? We have it covered - our sofa remote caddy and organiser will be your best friend and store remotes right beside you on the armrest of your sofa or armchair.

*Charging Peripherals, Games, Remotes and Controllers Not Included

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