30cm Acoustic Treatment Panels - Absorption Tiles Pack of 8

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30cm Acoustic Foam Panels - Sound Absorption Tiles

  • Pack of 8 30cm x 30cm tiles, Notch-cut for wider surface area of sound absorption
  • Absorbant properties control harsh echoes and reverberations, making a room sound warm and clear
  • Pre-Applied Self-Adhesive backing for fast, easy installation to almost any surface
  • Use in cold, empty-sounding rooms, complement home theatre systems and reduce sound travel in the home

 30cm Acoustic Treatment Panels - Absorption Tiles

Take the confusion and cost out of acoustically treating your home, with our 30cm Acoustic Treatment Panels for sound insulation and control.

Our 30cm by 30cm Acoustic Treatment Panels are made from a high-quality, lightweight open-cell sponge foam, making it the perfect material for sound absorption and diffusion. These tiles can be used anywhere in the home as a great solution to dampen sound reflections that can make a room feel cold and empty. The notch-cut design of these panels increases the surface area of the foam in a smaller space, providing even better sound absorption from a single tile.

The soft sponge material is light yet high-density, making its acoustic control properties very effective, proving a warm, dynamic acoustic response rather than complete deadening of a room which can make a space feel lifeless. The design of these tiles is subtle, also pleasing to the eye when compared to standard plain acoustic tiles.

Each tile comes with a pre-applied self-adhesive making installation a breeze on many surfaces, from painted walls or plasterboards through to raw brickwork - simply peel the backing off and apply to your desired position - Hold the tile firmly in place for at least 30 seconds for the adhesive to properly bond to the surface. the 30cm x 30cm size means you can cover a wide area quickly and easily, without the tiles looking too over-sized or dominating. Alternatively, you can install them in clusters in smaller rooms where sound reflections can be problematic.

These tiles are particularly effective for sound absorption - where sound hits the panels and gets absorbed rather than reflected back into the space - this creates a much more pleasing acoustic sensation than full absorption as it makes the acoustics of a room sound clear and quiet, without those harsh reflections often heard in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas with lots of hard surfaces.

These tiles are great for use:

  • In-home music studios
  • Home theatres and living rooms
  • Gaming and Entertainment Rooms
  • Garages & Workshops
  • Any rooms with audio systems that easily travel through walls, causing disturbances in other rooms

Please note our tiles will be delivered tightly packed, please unpack on delivery and allow 24-48 hours for the tiles to expand to their normal size before application. if your tiles have not returned to their full size by that time, please gently sprinkle with water and allow to stand for a further 24 hours before application.

*Check suitability for use and positioning before application as the adhesive is intended for one-time application

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