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A flexible foam for many solutions – Where will you use it?

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Our Multi-Purpose Self-adhesive Foam roll offers protection for a wide range of purposes. Supplied as a 90cm roll at 25cm wide to cover plenty of problems requiring an effective solution.

Use it to provide extra grip on step ladders, back doorsteps, or even surfboards! the foam roll acts as excellent padding for kayaks/canoes and other sporting equipment. Cut it to size and shape as you require, the foam is an excellent sound absorption material, reducing vibrations and rattles. Manufactured from the highest quality waterproof, weather-resistant EVA foam materials to ensure durability and long-term protection.

CEF-40 Multi-purpose Self-Adhesive Foam Roll is an inexpensive yet effective protection solution. Supplied in a 90cm roll, use it for many problems around the home, gym, garage or studio.

  • Use as anti-slip padding for exercise areas
  • Dampen sounds and reduce vibrations
  • Have them on the garage floor to cushion your knees and protect flooring from heavy tools
  • Use in play areas to protect babies and young children

…and much, much more. We have seen our foam products used in many situations that people are faced with on a day to day basis, and we are proud to be an affordable, reliable solution.

This product is part of our CEF range of foam products. We provide this foam in the form of four 61cm x 61cm tiles, as well as 30cm x 10cm blocks, so there is a guaranteed foam solution for you.

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