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Deluxe Remote Control Holder, Various Colours

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The Luxury Remote Control Holder CEG-10 is a convenient solution for safely storing your remote controls. Five compartments provide easy access to all of your remotes, protecting them from getting lost or damaged in a high-quality, contemporary accessory.

Use them around your home for a wide variety of purposes – There are plenty of situations where a CEG-10 can come in handy!

For example:

  • Use one in the living room for TV, Sky remotes and more
  • Place one in the hallway for pens and spectacles
  • Have one in the bedroom for hair/makeup brushes
  • Use one on your desk for paperclips, paintbrushes or other stationery

We designed this holder to withstand wear-and-tear in a busy home on a daily basis. Made with high-quality luxurious PU leather and a soft suede-style lining. This remote control holder will elegantly complement your home furnishings.

Furthermore, having a designated place for your remotes could help you to stay organised and keep your items safe – as a result, that means no more damaged or lost remotes!

The five compartments are 6.2cm wide and vary in height across the holder. As a result, you get ample space for a wide range of remotes. Shorter front and back compartments are great for air conditioning/lighting controllers, whilst middle compartments accommodate longer TV remotes and awkwardly shaped Satellite/Cable Box controllers.

Alternatively, if you require more space, you should check out our Park & Charge. This is a wider organising accessory with a cable port at the rear for tablets and other devices.

The Remote Control Holder is available in brown, grey, black, white and beige. Choose the best colour to suit your room.

Overall, The Luxury Remote Control Holder is a simple, elegant storage solution for small items around the home.

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 12 cm

Black, Brown, Beige, White, Grey


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