Indoor Home Plug-in Mosquito & Midge Trap Catcher | CEP-5


Discreet plug-in Mosquito and flying pest catcher – no zapping, no noise, no mess.

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Ideal for mosquitoes and other flying insects, The CEP-5 is a clean and simple solution to eliminate flying pests, with a compact and contemporary design for unobtrusive home use

home & workplace friendly – quiet and out of sight operation

240V mains powered with low energy consumption (12W)

Area coverage up to 50m2

Compact plug-in design

UV light attracts the attention of insects whilst small amounts of carbon dioxide (co2) are released, to imitate human breath. The fan then pulls insects into the internal tray, neatly and hygienically to be disposed of simply and easily.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 11 cm