Call Alert with Flashing Light & Adjustable Ringing Volume | CEA-40

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CEA-40 telephone line-powered Call Alert with Flashing LED Light & Adjustable Ringing Volume
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Audible & Visual Telephone Call Alert with Flashing Light & Adjustable Ringing Volume

The CEA-40 Telephone Call Alert is a telephone line-powered loud ringer and flashing light which plugs directly into a telephone socket. The unit flashes and rings alongside your phone to grab your attention – an ideal solution for the hard of hearing, or for use in noisy environments.

The CEA-40 is compatible with most telephones (not digital systems) with a standard BT-style line socket and does not require any additional cords or adaptors – it simply plugs into your telephone to produce a loud ring and a flashing alert – no mains power required.

Simple to install and use – The CEA-40 is a simple plug and play solution. With our easy to follow instructions, set up is quick and straightforward.

Compact yet Capable – The CEA-40s compact dimensions (approx. 85x60x25mm) mean you can easily position it as required and is capable of increasing your telephone ringer up to 95dB.

Highest Quality – All CEA Assistive products are manufactured to the highest standards.

The CEA-40 comes supplied with all accessories needed to connect it to your wall socket and telephone – no need for any additional items.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 2.5 cm


Will the CEA-40 Work With Any Telephone?

The CEA-40 is supplied with all connections needed to connect a standard UK (BT plug in wall socket type) phone to a UK (BT type) standard domestic socket. An RJ11-BT Standard adapter is also supplied.

Note: this device is only designed for use on standard telephone installations so would not be compatible with business digital/VOIP phone systems or non-standard telephone connections.

As an alternative, consider our CEA-20 which provides a louder ring tone, a strobe light, volume-off and other benefits from a standard socket. Telephone connectivity is the same as the CEA-40 but this unit requires a mains power supply.  Please see this link


Will the CEA-40 Work With a Non-UK Telephone?

The CEA-40 can be used with some non-UK telephones where a standard RJ11 socket is used (RJ11 is the standard in most Countries and connections on a telephone. The connection is in reverse compared the UK, so to convert the BT connection to RJ11, use the adapter supplied (RJ11 to standard UK (BT) with the product.