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Plug In Mosquito Catcher CEP-5

Midges & Mosquito Traps – The CEP Range of Indoor & Outdoor Flying Biting Pest Control, from Connected Essentials

Time spent outdoors needs no longer be spoiled by flying biting insects such as midges and mosquitoes. The CEP range has traps to provide effective outdoor coverage up to 500M2, as well as compact indoor protection.

Bait for Outdoor Electric Plug-in Mosquito Trap Catcher | CEP-31


CEP-30 Mosquito Trap Bait/Attractant

  • Organic bait for the Connected Essentials CEP-30 Outdoor Mosquito Trap
  • Increases catch rate by up to 10 times & effective for up to 30 days (with typical usage)

Delivery: Usually within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends & bank holidays)


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Outdoor Electric Plug in Mosquito Trap Catcher for Home & Garden | CEP-30

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CEP-30 Indoor & Outdoor Mosquito & Midge Trap

Ideal for mosquitoes and other flying insects, The CEP-30 is a clean and simple solution to eliminate flying pests, with a compact and contemporary design for unobtrusive home use

  • Garden-friendly, most suited for outdoor use
  • 240V mains powered with low energy consumption (12W)
  • Area coverage up to 500m2
  • Supplied with an organic bait/attractant pack (30 days supply)

Delivery: Normally 24-48 Hours, Excluding Weekends & Bank Holidays