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CEF-40 Self-adhesive foam roll
CEF-20 Self Adhesive Multi-purpose High Density Wall Foam Car Door Protector Bumper Protector Quick Stick
CEF30 EVA Foam Protection Tiles

Bump, Damage & Flooring Protection & Safety Solutions – The CEF Range of Home, Workplace & Vehicle Bump-Stop & Flooring Protection Problem-Solving Specialist Foam & Covering Materials, from Connected Essentials.

Solutions to everyday problems from reducing the risk of personal injury to resolving rattles and vibrations. High density, self-adhesive foam & protective materials plus a special-order service for a vast range of foam & specialist material solutions.


High Density Foam Cushioned Kneeling Mat | CEF-60

£14.99 £9.99

CEF-60 Kneeling Pad With Carry Handle

  • 40cm x 20cm Sized – Ideal for Gardening, DIY, Excercise
  • Take the strain from your knees, protecting them from hard surfaces and keeping them clean from oil or soil.
  • Easy to wipe clean, lightweight and with a convenient carry-handle.
  • This kneeling pad is thicker and wider than most on the market, offering you extra movement, freedom and cushioning.

Delivery: Usually within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends & bank holidays)


Multi-Purpose Self-Adhesive Foam Roll | CEF-40

£14.99 £12.99

Self Adhesive 3mm Waterproof EVA Foam 25cm x 90cm – CEF-40

  • HIGH DENSITY self-adhesive 3mm thick foam for effective protection against scratches, dents and bumps – simply attach to any wall to prevent damage to vehicle door edges & bumpers – suitable for painted, concrete & brick & breeze block walls
  • STRONG adhesive ensures foam strips stay in place regardless of the surface they are attached to – hundreds of uses from canoe & kayak padding to surfboard anti slip padding to sound deadening and vibration reduction
  • FLEXIBLE – supplied as a single 25cm x 90cm roll, Use as required – Can be easily cut to shape or size
  • WEATHERPROOF – Our CEF foam is weather and water resistant – suitable for use indoors & outdoors
  • HARD WEARING – can be used as an additional traction surface on stairs, patios and decking

Delivery: Normally 24-48 Hours, Excluding Weekends & Bank Holidays

8mm Thick Self-Adhesive Foam Sheet – CEF-80

  • 40cm x 100cm EVA Foam Sheets with Strong Adhesive Backing
  • 8mm Thick for a Variety of Uses
  • Protect Car Doors in Garages & Driveways, Use as Floor Padding When Exercising – Endless Uses!
  • Strong and Durable, Yet Easy to Cut to Size
  • High Density, Multipurpose Sheet of EVA Foam

Delivery: Usually within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends & bank holidays)

CEF30 EVA Foam Protection TilesCEF 30 Interlocking Foam TilesOut Of Stock

Interlocking Multi-purpose Foam Floor Tiles | CEF-30


Our Multi-Purpose Protection EVA Foam floor tiles protect your floors from damage from many sources.  Interlocking 61cm x 61cm tiles with edge trimming provides a wide space for various projects.

Delivery: Normally 24-48 Hours, Excluding Weekends & Bank Holidays

Self-Adhesive High-Density Multi-Purpose Protection Foam | CEF-20


CEF-20 Self Adhesive Protection Foam, Pack of 4

Effective, multi-purpose protection against scratches, dents and bumps

Our CEF-20 can be used as car door protectors, car door edge guards, acoustic insulation, acoustic panels, studio monitor sound absorbers, sound deadening, soundproofing tiles, speaker foam and many more uses – what will you use it for?

Supplied in packs of 4 Blocks, measuring 30cm x 10cm each – use them in accordance to your needs. Can be easily cut to shape & size.

Delivery: Usually within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends & bank holidays)