Connected Products is a one-stop shop for a variety of useful products for your day-to-day life. We design our products with quality and value for money in mind. Furthermore, we believe in simple, elegant solution products that enhance your lifestyle. As a result, we deliver these values across our range.

Connected Products is a small company, but we have an experienced heritage in the product business. This started with telecoms and electronics and expanded outwards to cover everything from pest control products to assistive alert ringers.

The Connected Products range includes:



As you can see, our range is always expanding to provide quality solutions to a wide range of situations. We consider situations that affect people on a daily basis – no matter how small – and find a simple-yet-elegant solution.


Connected Products is part of the Connected Essentials family – We also offer contemporary bespoke furniture through our sister website Accord Concept, where you will find a wide range of home furnishings designed with the same values in mind: Quality, Style & Value.

As customers as well as retailers, we know the value of a positive experience when purchasing. As a result, we have tailored our site to be an easy, straightforward experience. However, if you have any questions or requirements that are not met on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We will be glad to help!


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