About Connected Essentials

Extensive experience in the consumer electronics, accessory and telecoms sectors ensures Connected Essentials (CEL) delivers quality products and solutions both to consumers and to our distribution and business partners. We have a passion for what we do which is reflected in our guiding values: focus, attention to detail, professionalism, flexibility, reliability, trust and integrity.

We may not have a big brand name but we have been in the electronics, telecoms and accessory business for a long time and we are enthusiastic about design, customers and product quality. Our products are engineered to provide reliability and value. We also work with our partners and their brands with the  passion to provide the same level of support, quality and customer service.

Connected Essentials supplies major retailers, wholesalers, distributors and dealers for many years with the product ranges presented on this website. If you wish to make contact to enquiry regarding product supply or trading with us, please contact us. Connected Essentials Ltd is our trading business and identity. For our corporate and B2B services see Connected Group Ltd