The Sonorous IR Repeater allows the user to use their remote controls with all AV equipment even when the equipment is out of view. The repeater transmits Infra Red (IR) signals from the remote control to up to 8 devices.

The Sonorous IR Repeater works with all AV devices as long as they have IR remote controls. It is a discreet solution which is easy to set up and can be installed in minutes. A highly recommended additional purchase for all Sonorous Mood Range stands and all other TV cabinets which do not allow IR signals to pass through.

Key features
  • 8-way Infra-Red Extender Box with LED indicators showing power and remote control operation.
  • Power supply supplied.
  • 6 output emitters (2m) cord, 2 output emitters (4m) cord and mini-plug connector.
  • IR Receiver with 1m cord and 4-pin DIN connector.

IR Repeater.

8 Output Emitters.

Power Supply.

User Manual.