Digital music downloads and CD’s are convenient, but nothing beats putting a record on. Digital players and downloads quench a musical thirst, but vinyl is a fine wine, something to be savoured.
Whether it’s browsing through and playing singles to bring back memories; or the joy of the album experience, feet up, a cover to browse that is a work of art in itself, and tracks played in the way the artist intended. Now you can enjoy the vinyl revival.

Quality & Performance

Unlike cheaper and basic turntables that are very often only designed for the one off task of converting records to digital formats, the CET 500 is manufactured for continued enjoyment of your record collection, with high quality sound reproduction and build quality.
It also features a discreet USB socket so you can connect to a computer and also convert your records to digital format if you wish.

A Complete Solution

The CET-500 is a high quality turntable with an integral pre-amp, which means it will work with most audio/Hi Fi systems or sound docks using your equipment’s ‘aux in’ or Phono(RCA) socket without needing to purchase and use a pre-amp. Plug into a power socket and your amplifier and that’s it, nothing else to connect or purchase.

Key features
  • USB output for digital conversion (software required – free to download or provided free on request).
  • 33⅓ / 45 RPM speed selector.
  • Belt Drive Turntable – DC Motor.
  • Solid build quality for appearance and quality of sound reproduction.
  • Auto stop (switchable).
  • Integral pre-amp.
  • Hinged and removable dust cover.
  • Replacement stylus available.
  • Platter Diameter 332mm.
  • Cartridge tracking Force 3 g (+/- 0.5 g).
  • Wow & Flutter 0.25% WRMS.
  • Power Consumption 5W.
  • Unit Weight 3.3kg.
  • Dimensions (incl the dust cover) 450x152x352mm.

CET-500 Hi Fi Performance Turntable (Record Deck) with Built-In Pre Amp, Magnetic Cartridge, USB Output & Balanced Anti Skate Tone Arm.

Aluminium Platter.

Dust Cover.

USB Cable.

Puck (Centre spindle for punched singles).