In the garden or in the home, flying pests are the last thing you want to disrupt your relaxation or to compromise your hygiene.

Stop them in their tracks BEFORE they can bite you – ideal for mosquitos and other flying insects.

The CEP20 is a clean and simple solution to eliminate flying pests with a compact and contemporary design to blend in with your other household appliances.

Key features
  • Home & workplace friendly – quiet and out of sight operation.
  • 240V mains powered with low energy consumption (12W).
  • Area coverage up to 50m2 – ideal for use indoors.
  • Ideal for light commercial and private use.

How does it work:

By luring insects with multiple attractants – a UV light gets the attention of insects, small amounts of carbon dioxide are released to imitate human breath, whilst the organic bait imitates human body odours and the heat generator simulates body heat.The fan then “pulls” insects into the internal tray, providing a hygienic and simple disposal system.

The CEP20 is supplied with 30 days of organic bait (with typical usage).


CEP20 Mosquito Trap

Power Supply with 2m Cord

Bait lasting 30 days

User Manual