Do CEP traps use the ``zapping`` UV light?

No, the UV light on our traps is designed to only attract mosquitoes and other human biting flying pests to the trap, which are then silently sucked inside to the catch container at the bottom of the trap.

I have plugged in the trap in my garden, but it does not seem to be doing anything?

The CEP traps are not an instant solution to mosquito or midge problem. Using its 6 unique attracting methods, these will slowly start attracting mosquitoes and midges towards it and over a period of time break breeding cycles, therefore reducing their populations for long periods of time. It may take as long as 6-8 weeks to eliminate flying biting pests completely at which point you may choose to stop using the trap, however subsequent re infestations may occur.

Is the bait supplied toxic or dangerous to handle?

No, the bait attractants are manufactured from organic and natural products widely available in nature. They may be unpleasant to smell (which in turn attracts mosquitoes and midges), but are in no way toxic or hazardous.

Do I need to use the bait attractant?

Each trap is supplied with attractant lasting 30 days (with typical usage), however after that period you are not required to use it in order to catch flying pests. The trap will use its other attracting methods, however using the bait can multiply the effect to give better results.

Can I use the trap outside?

Yes, the CEP traps are designed mainly for use outdoors and are IP rated, however they are also mains powered and appropriate care must be taken in wet and rainy conditions to avoid damage or electric shock.

How often should I empty the catch container?

We recommend emptying the catch container at least once a week, however volumes of mosquitoes or midges will vary across different locations and you may have to empty the container sooner if necessary.