High quality universal, affordable telephone headset with noise cancelling microphone for Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT)*
If you work from home, have a small business, are a large call centre or simply wish to free your hands when making calls, the CEH50 is the ideal companion for your cordless telephone.

The CEH50 telephone headset is ideal for use with cordless telephones and mobile phones equipped with a 2.5mm headphone socket.

Universal – The CEH50 will work with most Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT) equipped with a standard 2.5mm headphone socket.*

Highly Featured – The CEH50 is equipped with a high quality noise cancelling microphone and in line volume control.

User Friendly – The CEH50 comes supplied with a useful in-line controller with a mute function and volume adjustment. The microphone boom is fully adjustable and the headset can be worn on left or right ear depending on your preferences. It also uses Radiation Reduction Technology (RRT) to reduce radiation emissions from mobile and DECT telephones reaching the user.

Comfortable – Single ear (monaural) design with a comfortable leatherette ear cushion and highly efficient 27mm speaker with Acoustic Shock Protection, to prevent hearing damage from unexpected loud noises (bursts).

Simple to use – Quick set up with easy to follow instructions and after purchase user support.

Highest Quality – All Connected Essentials headsets are carefully manufactured to the highest standards utilising strict QA procedures, to ensure long life and peace of mind.

*CEH50 headsets are not compatible with corded telephones or cordless telephones that do not have a headset/earpiece socket. The CEH50 operates from a standard 2.5mm headphone socket.


CEH50 Telephone Headset

User Manual

Overview – please view the video above to find out more about features and compatibility of the CEH50.