High quality, comfort fit, universal, affordable telephone headset with dual earpiece (Binaural) and noise cancelling microphone.

Used by call centre professionals and small business users across the world, the Connected Essentials CEH100 telephone headset is built to perform and is particularly suited to heavy users and demanding environments. It offers universal compatibility at a very keen price and the added comfort and performance of two earpieces means it is ideal for use in noisy environments.

Universal – The CEH100 will fit most types of corded telephones and telephone systems thanks to the supplied configuration switch. It will work with standard corded telephones with and without a dedicated headset socket.* The CEH100 offers the benefits of switching between your headset and telephone handset. It will also enable you to able to mute your voice and hot swap between headset and handset.

Highly Featured – The CEH100 is equipped with a high quality noise cancelling microphone – ideal if you work in a busy and noisy environment.

User Friendly – The CEH100 comes supplied with a quick disconnector (QD) which allows you to put your caller on hold while you disconnect your headset from your phone, reconnect and continue your call. The microphone boom is fully adjustable for the best performance and sound capture.

Comfortable – Twin ear (binaural) design with comfortable leatherette ear cushions and highly efficient 40mm speakers with Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP), to prevent hearing damage from unexpected loud noises (bursts).

Simple to use – Quick set up with easy to follow instructions and after purchase user support.

Highest Quality – All Connected Essentials headsets are carefully manufactured to the highest standards utilising strict QA procedures, to ensure long life and peace of mind.

Hygienic – Removable ear cushions and microphone shield.

*CEH100 headsets are not compatible with cordless telephones or gondola type telephones (where the dialling pad is located on the handset instead of the base of the telephone e.g. BT Duet Series).


CEH100 Binaural (twin ear piece) headset.

Configuration box.

Installation guide and user manual.

Clothing clip.

Quick disconnect.


Overview – please view the video above to find out more about the CEH100