Bump & Damage Protective Foam – High Density Door Edge & Bumper Protector

We have all experienced the frustration of pulling in to the garage or a tight driveway, opening our car door and banging the edge against the wall. It doesn’t matter how gentle the opening, it inevitably over time chips the paintwork or even dents the door edge.
At the same time, pulling into a tight garage might mean we need to drive right up to the end wall – it doesn’t take much to go just a little bit too far and mark the bumper.

Our Bump & Damage Protective Foam is designed to prevent these frustrating chips and dents. It’s inexpensive, yet effective and long lasting.
Supplied as a pack of 4 self-adhesive strips, each measuring 30cm x 10cm, it offers the flexibility to use the foam as desired.

Where will you use it?:
– Use each strip in 4 different places on walls to protect each of the doors
– Use all strips in a continuous line if you only need protection on one side
– Use all 4 strips arranged together at the far end of the garage to protect your bumpers
– Use on low ceilings to protect boot/hatchback doors

Manufactured from highest quality water and weather resistant foam, it can be used indoors or outdoors. Suitable for application on painted , concrete or brick & breeze block walls*.
Tested for fire resistance for safety, can be easily cut to size for added flexibility.


*Will attach firmly to clean stable surfaces, avoiding flaking paint and contaminated areas.

Key features
  • High density self adhesive 3cm thick foam for effective protection against scratches, dents and bumps – simply attach to any wall to prevent damage to vehicle Door edges & bumpers
  • Strong adhesive ensures foam strips stay in place regardless of the surface they are attached to* – suitable for painted, concrete & brick & breeze block walls
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use – weather & water resistant design
  • Flexible – supplied in packs of 4 SHEETS measuring 30cm x 10cm each – use them in accordance to your needs. Can be easily cut to shape & size
  • Fire resistant – Compliant with the specification of Fmvss302 standard

4 sheets of CEF20 Foam – 30cm x 10cm each

User Manual