Universal Telephone Flashing Ringer Amplifier

The CEA50 Telephone Call Alert is a telephone line powered light and ringer amplifier, which plugs directly into a BT type telephone socket and flashes and rings to notify an incoming call. Your telephone will operate and ring as normal. It is an ideal solution for the hard of hearing, or for use in noisy environments, indeed anywhere indoors when a loud ringer and a flashing alert can help ensure no calls will get missed.

Universal – The CEA50 is compatible with most telephones (not digital systems) with a standard BT style line plug and does not require any additional cords or adaptors.

User Friendly – The CEA50 simply plugs in to your standard telephone socket to produce a loud ring and a flashing alert – no mains power is required. Your telephone plugs directly into the CEA50.

Simple to install and use – The CEA50 is a simple Plug & just use solution. With our easy to follow instructions its set up is quick and straight forward.

Compact yet Capable – The CEA50‘s compact dimensions (57x57x22mm) and design mean you can simply plug it into your telephone socket without the need to drill holes or use sticky tape, and is capable of increasing your telephone ringer up to 95dB.

Highest Quality – All CEA Assistive products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Complete Offer – The CEA50 comes ready to connect to your wall socket and the telephone – there is no need for any additional accessories.

Key features
  • No need to miss incoming calls anymore – Bright Flashing LED and Loud Audible Alert
  • Plug & just use solution – no installation or batteries required. Plugs directly into a standard BT telephone wall socket
  • No mains power required
  • Ringer amplification up to 90dB and a bright flashing light
  • Compact design – Dimensions 57x57x22mm

CEA50 Ringer Amplifier

RJ11 to BT line cord

User Manual