High quality, affordable telephone headset. The BT Accord 20 noise cancelling telephone headset offers universal compatibility at a great price. Now everyone can have the benefits of a quality headset without breaking the bank or having to buy a new phone.

Key features
  • Noise cancelling – ideal for noisy environments.
  • Use of a headset can reduce neck, upper back and shoulder tension.
  • Increases productivity by freeing your hands whilst on the phone.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Acoustic shock protection.

If you work from home, have a small business, are a large call centre or simply wish to free your hands when making calls, the BT Accord 20 is the ideal companion for your corded telephone. It comes with a simple configuration module which will fit most types of corded telephones and has a 12-position configuration switch for almost universal compatibility. You can easily switch between the headset and handset, and there is also a useful mute function. The BT Accord 20 has a comfortable 27mm leather-look ear cushion, and a neat quick disconnector which allows you to put your caller on hold while you disconnect your headset from your phone, reconnect and continue your call.


27mm monaural (single ear) headset.

Configuration switch.

Comfortable ear cushion.

Full set-up and usage instructions.